If emotions could speak

  • Fear: My existence is under threat.
  • Anxiety: I feel inadequate. I doubt myself.
  • Anger: Someone has been unjust towards me.
  • Hostility: I doubt myself now/I feel inadequate. Therefore, I hereby accuse this person/group here for making me feel that way. Now it is a case of “this person/group is being unjust towards me”.
  • Chronic & covert hostility: This person has a positive trait. That is not a good thing. Points must be scored. Said person ought to feel discomfort, guilt or self doubt.
  • Depression: I want something, but I don’t think I can ever have it.
  • Distrust: [Self explanatory]. This person cannot be trusted.
  • Momentary envy: I want that. I wish I had it. I ought to act to earn/deserve it someday.
  • Chronic envy: Strong people are evil. They violate my rights. They are just lucky. They just have “connections”.
  • Happiness: I have achieved that which I acted to gain and keep.
  • Love (varying degrees of): I love valuing this person who values me.

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