Benefits of cooperative social strategies

Today I learned the value of cooperative strategies based on wrong ideas. Even if you are doing something totally useless, or even harmful, as long as most people recognize it as valuable, you will reap benefits from the actions until the day of reckoning. The day of reckoning is when reality hits your group hard and swiftly over the span of a few years.

As an individual who was always placed in the lowest strata of my group due to my lack of ability to play their cooperative games, I have always been unable reap the rewards based on my competence and ingenuity to the degree I have them.

As a consequence I was unplugged from the popular delusions and the madness of the masses, and I was able to see better delusions and better forms of insanity practiced by other groups.

However those other groups never accepted me either. I was forever cursed to be the individual who was never allowed to play the cooperative games.

I have no choice but to manipulate people, to create my own group with its own little insanity that I engineer. My nature compels me to disobey.


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