Philosopher’s Dunning–Kruger effect

Illusory consistency, self-delusions of sincerity, absence of correspondence with reality are the hallmarks of an unsound philosophy and it’s philosophers.

There is a saying in cryptographic circles that anyone can invent a cryptographic scheme which she herself cannot break.

Philosophy is like cryptography in that anyone can come up with a philosophy, that she herself cannot live by but would want the world to live by.

One of my favorite popular pseudo philosophers of recent times is Nassim Nicholas Taleb.

In his book Anti-fragile, Taleb makes ridiculous health related claims I am sure he himself cannot live by. For examples, he claims that a 500 calorie diet is a better cure for diabetics than medicine, and that it is good to go to the gym after a sleep deprived jet lagged flight. I would like to see him live by these claims. Other claims he makes involve the idea that all of modern drugs are the result of sheer dumb luck, monkeys throwing shit on the wall and seeing what sticks. If it is that trivial to invent new drugs I would like to see him try.

What may be true for a log-Levy distributed financial instrument may not be true for the human body. Perhaps scientific medicine is not just statistical testing of randomly generated hypotheses. Perhaps there is a casual narrative which is used to generate a new hypothesis.


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