Meditations about medical ignorance of the masses.

I often think about the widespread fear and distrust of scientific medicine, the prevalence of wrong ideas about disease and how the body works, and I wonder about the sheer arrogance and ignorance of the masses.

People still believe science has no idea about how the body works, and that the ancients had a better idea about biology than modern doctors and scientists.

Why is it that people believe the body is too complex to be reduced by science into a mere clockwork? Why the invocations to the supernatural, to the unknowable when it comes to the body and disease?

I believe it is due to arrogance. People still believe they are above nature, above the laws of reality. People believe there is something otherworldly about their bodies, its functions and its malfunctions.

Some even go as far as to think knowledge can be gained from a supernatural Internet (a platonic realm, a cosmic consciousness) by simply meditating and linking with it. And that the ancients had a better link to this voodoo internet than we did, and so they had a better knowledge of things than the post-scientific-revolution world.

What bothers me the most is the suffering because of it. I was made to suffer this bullshit when I was younger. I am still paying the price for their mistakes. And the worst of all, is that they do not seem to know of their crime.


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