Coming to terms with reality

What I write below is usually the case. Exceptions exist. What I describe are the norms which are changing as I write this.

An Indian woman can choose to not love you, but she cannot choose to love you. There in lies the contradiction that cannot be understood.

She will love you if her parents and your parents enter into a contract.

  • Is that love if is she is just obeying or following a norm or fulfilling a duty?
  • So should you blame your parents for not trying to get her to love you?
  • If she chose not to love you, was it because she chose that freely, or was she just trying to avoid going against the grain of society? It cannot be both.

I will never have answers to these questions. And this is why I hate the Indian culture, and all forms of collectivism in general.

To make matters worse, the narratives of Indian movies are the anti-thesis of what they actually practice. When asked, they say it is just entertainment, which by definition should not have any connection to reality and should be entirely be based off of impossible ideals.

Cultures are essentially Nash equilibria. None can break it without suffering a bit, or coercing people against their will. I choose to suffer because I hate coercing people against their will.

India will change, the Indian people of the future are luckier than me. I will look back and wish I had the chance they will, to be rejected or accepted by a provably free agent.


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