Annoying Things Christians Do

Shoving down christian media down our throats. My mom plays loud Christian prayers and music in the early mornings so as to “let it seep in” into our minds. If you hate it, it is proof that you are the devil because only evil people can’t handle god’s word. I have a guy at work who plays Christian pop radio all day long. The pretentious enthusiasm, and hypocritical principles espoused but never followed in the channel is astounding and annoying. You can say nothing against it. The employers want nothing to do with religion at work, but Christians “let it seep in” without our consent using their media. We cannot oppose it, because we let really bad secular music play without consent too.

It is remarkable how much they are naturally attuned to the idea of marketing and brainwashing when it comes to religion. Perhaps there in lies the viral nature. The religion itself promises extensive rewards after death for efforts in marketing. So people are compelled to market it like those chain marketing cults. It is also interesting that chain marketing cults are very prevalent within these religious cults.


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