Learning not care about insults and rebuke

This is one of the most important things I learnt in life. I never understood how not to care about haters when I was younger. Desiring to be empathetic, I used to get inside the minds of the haters and share their hatred of me. Little did I know that they merely pretended to hate me so that I would do whatever it takes to please them.

Irrational empathy is the greatest human weakness. It has always been hijacked and hacked by those who know how.

Empathy should always be predicated on an idea based on reason. If one feels empathy without knowing why, it is a virtue to know why one feels it, and cease to be empathetic if necessary.

In most cases empathy is not necessary. People who manipulate others by counting on their empathy deserve to be manipulated with justice and reason.

Empathy used to be necessary when survival depended on our genes. But human survival currently depends on our ingenuity.


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