If everyone where a psychopath

If everyone were a psychopath, the world would be a paradise. Psychopathy has the interesting property that the more prevalent it is, the less useful it is.

The more everyone tries to cheat, lie, hurt others with no remorse, the harder, everyone would make it impossible to achieve such things.

The ideal society is not the world full of wimps. It is the world full of opportunistic, remorse-less, care-less, hurting bastard wannabes.

They will use shame and guilt, to try to control others, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work, because no one feels shame and guilt.

The problem with the current world is that most people are taught to repress their inborn psychopathy by, guess who – psychopaths.

This is why we have the world full of wimps, and a few psychopaths to rule them. In governments, huge incompetent and obscure companies, they lurk behind the curtain, where they are safe.

There are other times when there is a shortage of wimps, and the psychopaths, manipulate enough wimps into getting rid of the excess psychopaths. We call such events, the people’s revolution a.k.a the wimp’s revolution so that we can get a new psychopath-in-chief.


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