Archetypes of Human Thought

Vaguely speaking, there are only three ways to think about anything, and as a result there are only three types of human beings. And it all boils down to how one answers this question: Why is physics and logic the way it is?

There are only 3 styles of answers. The first type of answer, points to a supernatural/divine source for the reason why physics and logic to be the way it is. The second type of answer, is about claiming that no one is the reason why physics and logic to be the way it is. The third type of answer, claims physics and logic are the narratives of an underlying disordered and inconsistent reality. Our consciousness, perhaps as individuals or as a collective imposes order and stories on it and that there is no actual order or consistency out there.
Almost everything of consequence a person does, derives from these 3 modes of thought. There is almost always a dominant form within each mind. Based on this knowledge, one can predict human behavior in a vague manner.
For example, I can already predict that a person of the third archetype, will immediately disagree with the theory described above on the argument that, no wide generalizations are possible, and that contradictions and inconsistencies exist which make it impossible to make wide, general and simple theories about all human thought.
Keep in mind that adherence to scientific method is possible under all 3 modes of thought. You will find that these 3 archetypes have no bearing on belief in words like “evidence”, “science” or “reason”.
For example, it is possible that anyone of any archetype can disagree with the above theory on the grounds that there is no evidence to back it up. That is a normal and virtuous form of argument common to all types of human thought.
It is possible to switch sides, though I do not have enough evidence to know if it is possible for everyone. I know I have switched sides, into all 3 at one point of time in my life. I am stabilizing.

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