Plenty of time to make mistakes

Given the amount of time left, the universe is very young – just 13.8 billion years old, and the earth itself 1/3rd of that – 4 billion years old. Life is 4 billion years old, and sentient life i.e. Human life is early too. 

There is plenty of time ahead. 10^10^50 years from now is the latest we would have a Boltzmann brain, and 10^10^60 is when we would have the Poincare recurrence event for the entire universe, if nothing else speeds it up. So we'd all be back, and let us hope it will be better next time.

But don't bother about the Nazi victims, or those people who died the gulags and the Killing Fields. There are plenty more mistakes to come and more will suffer mostly due to artificial reasons.

Seems like the universe is optimized for something far grander than us. We are not very important compared to what is to come, although our actions might be what makes it possible.

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