Future of programming in Singapore

A lot of money is made in programming by doing ordinary stuff. Nothing meta, mindscrew is done often. But that might change soon. A lot of well known names in languages like Haskell are immigrating here. On Haskell meetups there are talks about using Agda, and mathematically verified software for the masses.


1. Model only web programming. No views, view models and controllers.
2. Compilers which use type checking for XSS and SQL Injection attacks at compile time.
3. Automated software archaeology bots, which can translate legacy excel sheets and cobol applications to standalone verified applications in a minute.
4. Configuration bots, which configure elaborate ERP systems which take teams, months, and Infosys/Wipro to configure.

Unless you are on the top of your game. You can be made obsolete in a day.

Surely the conservative programmers will say nothing will change, just as it had not for the last few decades. Every language merely had a different syntax. Everything was just OOPs or Functional programming with runtime typing.

People would for a while place trust in armies of software coolies, writing useless test cases, and modules for which the compiler would give promises which won't be kept.

But sooner or later, greed will catch up with the desire to automate complex human tasks – the most complex of them all being, programming itself.

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