Had Samsung sued and won against Apple

Had Samsung sued and won against Apple, the post-verdict analysis would be of a different tune. Everyone would hail the "little" guy's day in the sun. This is where the fundamental premise is revealed. Most people really do not care about patents. They merely hate unapologetic success, especially if achieved by one man.

The history is littered with successful individuals who have been held as scapegoats. Rockefeller was "crucified" in the modern sense for providing us with cheaper than whale oil, environmentally friendlier kerosene with a standard quality all around the world. Father of chemistry, Lavoisier, was guillotined for being rich. Bill Gates was considered evil while he benefited the world more than his charity with his uniform software, for all hardware.

One can only imagine, what happened to the person who discovered fire. I bet he was burnt at the stakes he taught his friends to light.

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