If only people were less ambitious and opportunistic – the world would be a paradise (sarcasm)

If only we could force people to shoot themselves more in the feet, while weasels found ways to avoid it, the world would be a paradise. If only the politicians were selfless saints and not selfish like the opposition party, the world would be a paradise. If only businessmen ran their businesses suffering more losses and bankruptcy, we would have better quality of service. If everybody died for each other, the world would be paradise.

God damn it! Why won't everyone die for one another? Why does everyone desire to live and prosper? They should choose to die so that the weak like us can prosper. We should force them to suicide for our sake. That is the way to paradise.

Why won't these underpaid politicians accept fewer bribes? We should give more power to politicians so that they can make new regulations to make corruption go away. Get the politicians involved in everything so that their incorruptible & selfless souls can regulate corruption and greed away.

Why do businessmen choose the cheaper option of paying bribes and writing laws? They should choose the costlier option of innovation, while we continually let their patents be violated, and regulate them with tougher laws and minimum wages.

Why do businessmen choose to outsource and import to cheaper and less regulated places? We should subsidize businessmen who do not do that and tax those who do it. We should force them to stay. That is the path to paradise.

I want to have a cake but I want my neighbor to eat it to. The truth is the whole as Hegel said – A is non-A. War is peace. Freedom is slavery. The truth is in the middle as Buddha said. We need a little bit of war and a little bit of slavery, for everyone except us.


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