How Objectivism helped me to stop worrying about Agency and start to love Causality

Before I was an Objectivist, and after I became an atheist, even though I had denounced the divine agency which messed with causality, I had continued to recognize non-existent agency behind natural non-volitional phenomena. For example, Discovery Channel's Mythbusters call these the "Problem Gods" who have to be constantly appeased by accepting tiny little problems they create during any endeavor so as to avoid major catastrophes. Another example, scientists who discover new phenomena often do not tell it to others so as to avoid "Jinxing" the discovery. Nassim Nicolas Taleb calls these the Black Swans – which are thought of in an unstated manner as magical violations of Causality.

After understanding Objectivism I fully realized that the Universe is indifferent (benign) to our endeavors, and that catastrophe is more often the anomaly rather than the norm. This difference between perceived risk and actual risk is why insurance companies and option writers make money.

I began to see and trust Causality. Even in the realm of human actions, I saw unstated premises which lead to emotional precursors which lead to archetypal and predictable behavior.

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