Rich people should move Capital to the protectorates of China.

Rich people should move their capital to protectorates of China, like
Hong Kong, Macau etc. Because the tax havens of other countries will
soon suffer seizure through taxes from irrational governments.

Others should use time honored commodities like precious metals and
diamonds to save their wealth.

Once all wealth seizure through taxation begins, prices of goods and
services will start rising, while the government tries to mint more
money to pay it for free to the needy. Unfortunately without
production, and investments which yield above the rate of inflation,
increased money minting will not be able to pay for consumption.

Then it is a slippery slope. We will continue blame the rich for
everything wrong in the world.

The Chinese government while not truly capitalist exhibit, pragmatism
at least for now. Pragmatism is better than full fledged collectivism.

I predict October 2012 is the month when the slippery slope starts. I
give it ~ 50 years to end.


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