Sanctions & Approvals

I got tired of seeking sanctions and approvals long back. No-one gives it to anyone anyway except when to get people addicted to it or to get something or some information back. Everybody is truly alone inside their heads. No one can violate the sanctity of your mind and experience. More importantly no one can truly empathize or appreciate your experience except you. That sounds depressing but it is not. It is an opportunity for sandbagging. The only downside of sandbagging is that, since everyone (except me) has a tendency to underestimate you, any sign of your competence will be considered non-existent or even fake. And thus you cannot sandbag for ever. You will get tired surprising people with your competence. Initially it is fun to be "the hand up monalisa's skirt" but after a while you will prefer to be the all seeing master of the universe behind the curtain. People will constantly underestimate you, and that will get in the way of having your way. It is slightly annoying, but far less annoying that living up to other people's standards.

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