Popular depictions of evil

In popular art and media evil is depicted as driven by a causeless hunger for power which hurts people without providing justification. Everyone wonders whether evil people sleep at night, and most claim they don't. They say evil people are constantly stressed out by their deeds.

I know that evil people actually think they are the good. They sleep peacefully at night, and do their evil deeds with dedication and commitment. Even when they engage in obviously evil actions like murder, they will do it righteously citing duty and a greater good.

Are we then to cop-out saying good & evil are relative and there is no way to distinguish which? Are we to say the mighty or winner is right?

It is true that good & evil is contextual but that does not mean it is relative/subjective. In fact after considering the context it is indeed possible to judge which is the good. All freedoms which do not violate freedoms are good because it often leads to well being of the rational individual.

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