Dear Rich Americans, Leave USA Fast

Recently Eduardo Saverin was not allowed to give up his US citizenship. So much for the social contract. It is a lie. The American government set up laws to prevent him leaving. First they came for the billionaires.

Back in 301 A.D. emperor Diocletian murdered traders and usurpers by blaming them for all the problems that resulted from government price fixing, and debasing of currency. Perhaps governments today are smarter than that, because they realize there is public support for taking away your – freedoms which do not violate freedoms – without actually murdering you. No one is going to speak up for you no matter what they vote to do to you because you are a minority.

I understand that rich people are human beings too. I will speak up for you. But people like me are few and laughed at because we are not cool.

So the wise thing to do is leave as quietly and quickly as you can. There is more freedoms to be had in the rest of world.

With Love,
From Singapore.

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