People never vote their pocketbooks

People tend to vote for what they are told is moral. People never vote
what is good for their pocketbooks. The politicians understood this
early on. The right wingers in USA got into kahoots with the
Christians so that they can borrow the Christian claims about
morality. The early socialists who claimed that that socialists will
do better economically than capitalism also changed their stance,
(partly because they are wrong), into the claim that socialism’s
secular moral basis is more moral.

The scary fact is socialism is merely secular christianity. Both rely
on the belief in the existence of unchosen obligations and think it is
right to coerce people into doing their unchosen obligations towards
their god, family, tribe, race, gender, class etc…

This is why both theocracies and leftists are equally likely to be totalitarian.

The coming US elections will be won by Obama because, everybody feels
morally superior voting for Obama.


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