Do not test the limits of childhood plasticity

For the greater part of my life so far, I've lived for the sake of others, meeting their irrational demands. It was a bad idea to mold me too much back when I had no volition. I might be a slow learner but I do not need many examples to understand the theory. I understood their theory and I saw that they depended on my sanction more than I depended on theirs. My sanction of their reality. It was my faith that helped them live with their doubts. It was my honesty that made their lying possible. My virtues fueled their vices and it still does. So now that I am becoming what I want to be, they can't stand it. I now rely on my enemies more. I withold information because without it most of these master manipulators are mere idiots. I like being a surprise.

Now they need me to be what they want me to be. More so than ever before. But I am not available to meet their demands. I guess they have learned a lesson. Human beings are not meant to obey. They are meant to understand.

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