Single data point is enough. Enumeration is not the means to Induction.

When Galileo discovered the theory of pendulums he did not test
whether the color of the pendulum has any effect on the time period by
testing 100 differently colored pendulums.

Only a few data points are necessary if we do induction correctly.
Philosophers have given up on induction by calling it the “Problem of
induction” as if it cannot be solved liked the Halting Problem. It is
up to the scientists now to demonstrate what constitutes objective

We can work with a single data point we have for life in the universe
if we are ingenious enough. The problem is the “single data point”
excuse if preventing us from starting this field.

For instance, consider the possibility of quantifying the shannon
entropy (in bits) of all known life like chemistry. Wouldn’t that
enable us to look for chemistry which is as unlikely as abiogenesis
(once in 4 billion years) and perhaps even discover it? If we
discover/invent abiogenesis that is the skeleton key for quantifying
the potential for life in other parts of the universe using spectral

But we can’t start, because we don’t know if ET is carbon. Never mind
that Carbon is 5 times as abundant as Silicon in the universe, and
that abundance of elements in Earth Life follows the same abundance
seen throughout the universe, no no, we can’t start because we only
have a single data point. What a lame excuse. Shame on us.


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