Advantages of having a dynamic hierarchy of values

Everyone has a hierarchy of that which they act to gain and keep i.e. values. And because of this hierarchy everyone prefers somethings over another. Most people have a static hierarchy which can exploited once its structure is known. If they want something more than you do, you have power over them. This sort of power arbitrage is key to interaction between sentient mortals.

The obvious solution to avoid losing power is to not reveal the hierarchy, so that no one can have power over you by using your values as hostage. This however, is impossible. Every interaction with the real world, will reveal your values bit by bit. You can try to stop interacting, but that is impossible too, because voluntary exchange for mutual benefit is extremely beneficial – valuable and worth having. Since this is up there on everyone's hierarchy of values, and since everyone knows it, another strategy must be devised to minimize lose of power.

I think a dynamic hierarchy of values is the answer.

Every time you do not hold dear what everyone thinks you hold dear, you have power over them. So be prepared to change your hierarchy of values in a manner that does not affect your happiness. Everytime somebody is about to make you lose power, change your hierarchy of values. That will make you invincible.

  1. Suicide bombers & some cults have successfully inverted their hierarchy of values so much that they have even started thinking of life, or "this life" as they call it, as something of less importance, without affecting their happiness. This makes them capable of having an extremely huge advantage in power over others. To stop them we must scramble our hierarchies of values in a manner that does not affect our happiness.
  2. The modern Left, expects to rule the titans of production by holding what they value the most as hostage. They constantly tweak the tax code, and the value of the medium used to exchange material values, to always entice the producers to produce while stealthy stealing their hard work.

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