My thoughts on marriage

I might never get married, so here are my thoughts about it. Love is unlikely. So when people do get married they often do so:

  1. Out of some sense of duty, i.e. an unchosen obligation towards parents, relatives, society, humanity ..
  2. Out of pity to someone. Since Love as a result of admiration is considered inferior to love as a result of pity or duty, marriage is often done out of pity or out of duty.
  3. Because everyone is doing it.
  4. Fear of future loneliness.
Here are my arguments against it:
  1. I recognize no unchosen obligations. All individuals are born free from obligations that are shoved down their throat without their permission. Only chosen obligations like contracts & promises exist. Marriage is one such chosen obligation.
  2. I consider love as a result of admiration to be superior to love as a result of pity or duty. I admire very few people, because I see little virtue in others which can measure up to mine.
  3. Even if everyone in this world jumped of bridge I wouldn't do it. So everyone doing something ain't a reason.
  4. Within the temple of their minds everybody was always alone, and they will always be alone. There was never anyone inside anyone's head other than that person. When they die, there won't be anyone to die with them in their mind. They have to face death & life alone. All company has a limit on its capacity for accompaniment. It is true that the person you love can come very close almost inside ones own mind. But that is unlikely.

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