Wrong Philosophies Of India

  1. Anti-Conceptual Mentality: Just do it! We don't need principles, theories and so on. Example 1: Safety systems? Why do we need them? It is only necessary for the paranoid people in the western world. Besides I get to keep the money if I charge fake bills for safety systems I did not implement. Why care about future reputation when everything fails? I will be relaxing on a private island before that. Example 2: We don't need optimization, or better organization. Just use rules of thumb. After all there is no time to optimize or organize. Optimization and organization are for the people of the west. We don't need it. Our rules of thumb and instinct are better than theirs.
  2. Fatalism: Aww something went wrong! What can we do? Shit happens when the Gods will it! Nothing can be done to change it. Did you hear about that Mr. Ambitious, who tried to change his fate? God smote him to teach him a lesson.
  3. Confusion between metaphysical vs. man-made: If you really wish it you can even violate the laws of reality like gravity and fly by intense meditation. But you can't fight the city hall so don't try to change man-made laws and customs.
  4. Subjectivism: Everything is just a figment of our imagination. We can know nothing for sure. Even when you fall into a pit you did not see and break your bones, reality did not really affect you. You are merely imagining it!
  5. Collectivism: Individual productivity, ambitions, rights are non-existent. Only groups have ambitions, rights and productivity. And my group has the right to take away the rights of your group. Hindus vs. Muslims, Poor vs. RIch, Lower caste vs. Upper caste. etc.
  6. Confusion between correlation and causality: B happened with A or after A therefore A caused B. That guy failed after he told everyone what he was upto therefore, you can jinx success by telling other people about it.

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