Here is why no government wishes to take away your privacy completely

The people of the western world, and their eastern imitators are excessively concerned about privacy more than their other rights. They are obviously influenced by Orwell's 1984, which they think is all about invasion of privacy and nothing else. Let us talk about what Orwell really meant later.

The fact is, the same mechanisms people use to maintain privacy are used by the government to do their clandestine work. The government relies on the same companies, services, technologies that provide privacy. For instance consider, Domains by Proxy , the infamous registrars of the domain pinged by the infamous Stuxnet worm said to be targeted at Iranian nuclear enrichment centrifuge controllers. It is the elephant in the room when it comes about closest link to makers of Stuxnet. Do you really think, the government will ban such anonymous domain registration companies? Perhaps the conspiracy nuts among you might think Domains by Proxy is in bed with the U.S. secretly relaying information about you to their preferred clientele. Unfortunately this is a logistic nightmare: Since IT employees are an unmanageable lot, they will publicize any attempt by Domain by Proxy to relay private information to the government.

So it comes down to the government trying not to take away your privacy completely. You will always have some of it left.

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