Bold & Possibly Wrong Predictions

Dark Ages have already begun.

Contrary to what people think about the Dark Ages, they are merely periods in history when the conditions are not conducive for a reign of competence, which results in incremental and non-disruptive changes, which people wrongly take for granted as how things have always been and will always be. For instance, there may never be anything as disruptive as the Internet or the Moon Launch for a long long time to come. There will of course be extensive cataloging of knowledge gained through existing means, and incremental inventions and discoveries that result from it. We will be constantly bombarded with yet another study that classifies yet another substance or activity as carcinogenic or cancer preventing. There will be cheaper hard-disks with more memory and better algorithms to sift through irrelevant information.

No extra-terrestrial bodies bigger than asteroids will be explored by human hands until the moon landing becomes a semi-legend.

The fact is, unless space travel aligns itself with our pursuit of happiness through productive achievement, it will never be extensive. East India Company was not funded with taxes but Magellan was. Exploration has to become profitable. It cannot be sustained on coercive gathering of wealth. And there exist no happiness worth seeking on extra-terrestrial objects. Granted, nudging asteroids into weird near earth orbits for profitable exploitation is possible, but only after there are significant legal developments in the areas of private property in space and only after the environmentalists can be silenced.

Global Climate Change won't be as bad as predicted.

The hysteria will be carefully forgotten by new younger people who will find newer things to be hysterical about.

Intelligent extra-terrestrial life will not be contacted for a long time to come.

Our species will be forced to be self-reliant with no one up there to save us from anything.

All government supported new energy production paradigms will prove its inability to meet the nature of demands currently met by fossil fuels.

Whale Oil is to Fossil Fuels as Fossil Fuels is to What? This question won't be answered for a long time to come. Those with answers will withhold the answer until they can be sure they can profit from it. It will not come from a government supported program. It will not be solar or wind.

USA will become a License Raj, crippled by government bureaucracy and red tape.

Needs no explanation.

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