How Some Liars Think

Some liars do not mind getting caught at the act of lying because they
think they can always use the resultant suspicion against them the
next time they tell the truth and get accused wrongly as a means to
generate guilt in the accuser so as to be able to start telling lies

So the general algorithm after getting caught lying is to:

1. Tell truths or partial truths until one is wrongly accused of telling lies.
2. Use the wrongful accusation to generate guilt in the accuser.
3. Wait till this guilt, makes them stop catching you at lying.
4. Now start lying again.

Now that everyone knows this this strategy is invalid. It is time to
move to higher levels.

I will keep revealing the strategies at higher levels until all liars
are so paralyzed by paranoia that they will start telling the truth.
You’re welcome!


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