Here is the summary what we have against Judge William Adams

Judge abuses his daughter on this Youtube video:

It is indeed the judge.

Comparison pictures:


This could be his home:

William Adams
717 N Magnolia St
Rockport, TX 78382-2828

This is definitely where he works:

301 N. Live Oak St.
Rockport, TX 78382

pho­ne: 36­1-7­90-01­­38
fax: 36­1-79­0-01­85

This judge has a history of corrupt rulings against children:…

Nearest Police/Law enforcement station:

Crime Stoppers-Aransas County
301 N Liveoak St # 113, Rockport, TX 78382-2744, United States
+1 361-729-8477

Use this website to submit tips to police:

I have already submitted a tip.

Let us give justice to this judge.


2 thoughts on “Here is the summary what we have against Judge William Adams

  1. Adams may own that home, but I can’t imagine that he would live in such a crummy house, in such a crummy neighborhood?

  2. This video raised so many feelings. I was beaten in the same manner, often. So was my older sister. My mother never participated as this bitch (judge’s wife) did, but she never intervened. I broke the cycle with my children and used my father’s abuse as a lesson in what NOT to do. The bastard is dead now and I’m happy for that nearly everyday. I just wish he had been made to suffer while he was alive. This judge can still be punished. I think letting him loose in the general population of a State or Federal prison might make him relate to the pain he inflicted upon his daughter. What a good example of what’s wrong with the administration of government in this country. May he burn in hell, after suffering on earth. Piece of shit.

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