Flat Earth Astronomy Works

Back in the days of the flat earth and geocentric model, astronomical math was  still capable of predicting eclipses, tides and the seasons. It was the interpretation of the underlying reality of the math that was wrong.

Today we have the Copenhagen interpretation for quantum theory or the "It is magic!" interpretation as I would like to call it, which was heavily influenced by wrong philosophies of its day. The math is right as everybody agrees and they try not to think about the interpretation as they calculate because, as Feynman said, nobody understands it. And not understanding it, is considered as the epitome of understanding. LOL!

In his book, the Grand Design, Stephen Hawkins argues that just like how a sentient goldfish in a curved fish tank would be able to predict the curvy motion of objects it sees outside the fish tank using different laws of motion than ours and doesn't have to know the real nature of objects and its paths, we don't have to be too much worried about reality, and that we might as well stay deluded in Plato's cave.

What Hawkins asked us to do in the above analogy is exactly what Vatican had asked astronomers during the days of the Ptolemy's geocentric interpretation. Vatican had wanted astronomers not worry too much about the real nature of celestial bodies and mechanics, and just do the math to get the eclipses, tides and easter holidays right.

I ask physicsts to not be trapped by dogma, like Steve Jobs said. Don't live by the results of other people's thinking. However it is right to live by the evidence they collected, so as to save time.

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