My first conspiracy theory

I am not much for conspiracy theories, but my gmail account got hacked the day before news got out that hundreds of personal Gmail accounts, including those of some senior U.S. government officials, were hacked (Link). They blame it on the Chinese. The IP my attacker originated from, cannot be pointed to any known ISP, except that Google claims it is of French origin.

I believe most of the attacks were decoy for the real attacks, much like how you would rob an entire bank to get to one man's safety deposit box. And I don't think it is the Chinese. In fact I believe it is the U.S. government itself is behind the attacks. Here is why I think so:

Just a day before my account and the accounts of U.S. government officials got hacked i.e on May 31st, Pentagon & U.K. government decided that cyber attacks are an act of war. The next day (June 1st – 2nd), miraculously many U.S. government officials got hacked and they blame it on the Chinese.

Perhaps the U.S. military tried to provoke the elected officials into declaring war on China in retaliation to the Chinese attacks. Perhaps a cyber retaliation is currently ongoing, the effects of which can only be felt inside the Great Firewall.

Now the trillion dollar question is why would U.S.A want to find an excuse to start a war with China? The Answer is: The broken window fallacy. The American government truly believes an epic war can save it from the impending Great Economic Debacle. Unfortunately they are mistaken. With all the wars they have been into, perhaps they ought to have realized by now that it was not the World War II that saved U.S.A from the Great Depression. Sadly, old misguided ideologies die hard.

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