Perhaps the most profound insight I’ve ever had

The insight is simple: if any two objects, whatever data they main
contain, have overlapping data inside, then the compressed filesize of
these two files when they are joined together should be smaller than
the sum of their individually compressed files. (– from Algorithmic
Information Theory)

Work through a few examples in your head. Once you prove it to
yourself, it will seem remarkably simple. Best of all, this is a
generic insight which allows you to cluster virtually any type of
data. In fact, the example above will faithfully detect and cluster
different languages, separate png and mp3 files, and so on.

I am confident this is how our brain forms concepts from percepts.
Because concept formation requires measurement omission from
particular percepts.

Identical models & simulations of parts of brains indicate that the
biological neural networks form groups which behave like stacks of
universal data compressors which has evolved through the ages to
optimally compress all perceptions available from the objects

Once this has been studied more throughly, explaining volition is
trivial: The brain uses its conceptual framework to attempt partial
solutions to the halting problem on a finite set of processes
(conceptual descriptions of phenomena in reality). These partial
solutions are useful for attempting predictions about the future of
the world (with limitations of course). Once the future is known
(non-omnisciently & fallibly) the brain uses the concepts about future
and its on set of known concepts to take the most optimal course of

This would even explain self-destructive actions undertaken by
suicidal people, criminals and psychiatric patients OR random behavior
used by poker players and strategic thinkers behaving under limited


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