Here is what TSA policies reveal about this world

As long as anything is legalized, most people will submit to anything. Groping is a crime; no problem, just make a law about who can grope whom and where. Non-consensual voyeurism is a crime; thats ok, as long as you have a valid reason granted by law it is OK. Slavery & racism (or any other form of collectivism) is an individual rights violation; so just make a law about how it should be practiced. Theft of savings is a crime; lets make a law and call it quantitative easing.

And what happens when these institutionalized crimes fail to bear the fruits the lawmakers had envisioned in their deluded minds? They ask for more sacrifices. Initially they being by sacrificing the best among us citing their ability as "unfair" or "a conditioning". When the able are gone, the bars are lowered until everybody is abused by the state.


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