Goodbye DNA microarrays!

Are you tired of wasting your precious grant money on custom DNA microarrays? Now you use something cheaper which is only 1$ per megabasepair.

Yes that’s right thanks to advances in computational biology like Burrows-Wheeler transforms, FM indices and k-error/mismatch algorithms, now you can merely sequence the cDNA fragments from a transcriptome and map it to the organism’s genome at lightning fast speeds! How fast exactly? Well even if your transcriptome was the size of your entire genome (which it never is) it would only take an hour on your laptop. Since sequencers are pretty accurate for short reads the k-mismatch/error algorithm can match your short reads to the genome accurately. If your genome is annotated(which it almost always is) then you can right away know what each piece of your transcriptome means.

In other news, it is snowing in hell!


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