Here is why I don’t want Democrats to loose the midterm

The Americans are going to deeper levels of hell before 2012. The Democrats are purposefully loosing this election, so that when shit happens they can blame it on the Republicans.

I don't give a damn about Republicans, they are just as bad as Democrats too. But the left wingers always want to finally make the free market ideologies to take all the blame even though only a fool would call what Americans have a free market. It is more free here in Singapore.

Anyways so Dems want the final blow to the American economy to be delivered by a party which used to uphold free market principles. So when everything goes to hell, people will hate economic freedom so much that they will sign themselves up as property of the American government.

The world will never learn the lesson that was meant to be learned from the fall of the USA & USSR. The lessons that ought to be learned are: 1. Communism doesn't work. 2. Mixed Economy doesn't work.

So unfortunately for the next 1000 years, the world will slowly sink into a self-tangled mess of regulations that prevent economic freedom. It is a slippery slope. Every step along the way will be a failure and the failure will be blamed on economic freedom calling for more economic serfdom.

There is hope in China. But their role as a civilization is merely preservation of the Western fire until the next renaissance.


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