Most lamest NSF funded Harvard Project

Today evening I attended a really lame presentation for a Harvard research project that received 10 million from NSF.

The research project had lofty aims to make a swarm of tiny robot bees which flew by flapping wings, navigated by relying on vision, communicated using radio, computed with a custom made decentralized processor called the Brain with many cores which ran a decentralized Karma OS. The bees were not to be individually programmed. The colony was programmed to be instead, whatever that means.

How much of this was actually achieved? They did not say, but they did mention tests using tiny helicopters. I guess that is furthest they went.
They also had really cool slide transitions and pop-science salesman talk used to woo high school children. I guess that helped them with getting the NSF grant.

To make matters worse the project is headed by a professor who looks kind of younger than all of my professors.

If this is the best Harvard has, I am glad that they did not accept my application.

I am much happier, doing genome assembly of bio-weapons for making cures, computing the evolutionary trees of H1N1 and dengue for predicting next seasons pandemic strains, and using AI to classify acute lymphoblastic leukemia subtypes to increase prognosis of children to 80%. And I did all that in NUS without 10 million stolen tax money from the government while working on part time jobs.


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