Anti-Good Mentality

If you did not know already, Candwich is "sandwich in a can" invented by Mark Kirkland.

The way we got to know about it is through a scandal. Thomas L. Wright an investor who funded Candwich got his money by getting it from people whom he promised that he would be investing it in real estate.

The inventor Mark Kirkland is innocent. Yet the news narrates it as though Mark Kirkland is the culprit so as to hurt Candwich sales. They want to hurt it because it is new, and preserves sandwiches without using preservatives.

In other news, journalists found a "study" which says iPad owners are "selfish elitists". They also think iPhone 4 has reception problems which it doesn't have. I guess we can all guess the forces at work behind these stories. Journalists hate companies because they make good products.

Isn't it interesting that we never hear so many bad reviews about bad products? This is why, whenever I see a really passionate bad review filled with ad-hominems about a product, I go ahead and buy it.

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