Michael Jordan Fallacy

This one can be used to impugn the motives of anyone in the world, in an effort to prove they are driven by greed and don’t care about anyone else’s problems:

Bombo: “Just think if Michael Jordan had used all his talents and wealth to feed third world children, rather than to play a sport.”

Of course, you can say this about anyone, famous or not:

Bombo: “If your doctor really cared about people’s health, he’d sell everything he owned and become a charitable frontier doctor in Africa.”

In fact, for charitable efforts to exist, we need the Michael Jordans of the world playing basketball. Regular non-charitable activities, like your doctor’s business office, are what drives the economic machine that funds charity work. The world’s largest giver, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, would not exist had a certain young man put his talents toward the Peace Corps instead of founding a profitable software giant.


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