All food is GM food

All the food you ever ate and will eat is genetically manipulated. Human beings have been genetically manipulating their food through artificial selection, inter-breeding and other types of artificial manipulation since the dawn of agriculture.

Genetically manipulated food is the reason why there are no famines today. While the science fictions of the past (e.g. Soylent Green) predicted widespread worldwide famines due to insufficient projected agricultural productivity, people with balls like Norman Borlaug of the “evil mega-corporation” DuPont were engineering the Green Revolution by genetically manipulating food.
Indira Gandhi brought this result of American capitalism to Fabian socialist India, and thanks to the resulting high yields in agriculture the communists and the maoists are still alive in India preaching the evils of productive achievements in life. Thanks to genetically manipulated food, we still have the GM-food-scaremongerers still alive and preaching their message of anti-technology and anti-industrial-revolution.
Make no mistake Borlaug’s genetically manipulated food literally a saved Billion more lives than Mother Theresa did or could.
It is a pity there is no heaven for Borlaug to go to.

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