• I have long since lost the hope of educating people. My blog posts and other “web squirts” are just a means of distributed cognition.
  • ROI of time on Indian bachelorettes is low. Yet they seek the undeserved extremes in men procured through more centrist means. They get phonies instead.
  • India sucks because of the wrong philosophy. The economic freedom it enjoys now is not sustainable.
  • Mr. R does not have hopes of ever doing something great. He merely hopes to get a free ride on my ability.
  • I am innocent but not gullible. So I hate it when people treat me like a 4 year old kid.
  • If I were John Galt, I wouldn’t even grant the world the mercy of education through Galt’s speech. I will let the world perish and get what it deserves. But I will robe the world of its producers.

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