Facing the Ultra Deep Field as an Objectivist

Existence exists. What would have bothered me is that there is whole lot of existents out there. Zillions of galaxies with infinite potential for evolution of conscious existents that perceive  existence. Will an excessive prevalence of such conciousnesses in existence ever downplay the importance of each of them to itself?

Contradictions cannot and do not exist. So the conclusions that productive achievement is the purpose of conciousnesses out there will remain so. But why would universe be filled with them? Is there any use with it?

Will everything that exists ever be affected by the consequences of volitional action? It wouldn’t violate the primacy of existence, if that were the case, because existence exists independent of whether there are conciousnesses. It is just, that something tells me that the identity of existents is such that it is not conducive for the sustenance of conscious existents. So perpetual action is required to sustain existence. We will outgrow the need for values, virtues or morality.


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