Nanny USA

There was a time when the Americans had really good kick out of making fun of Singapore for being a Nanny state. They blamed the government here for trying to get control every little details of its individual’s lives. Now it looks like USA is the real nanny. The new salt bill proposes to ban salt in New York because the government thinks salt is killing people. They prevent businesses from failing or succeeding because they think people ought to stagnate where they are. If people get better they ought to pay everyone for it. If people get worse everyone else ought to pay for it. Today I had an American tell me that he paid the lowest taxes of his life while he was in Singapore. While a prof of mine who is on a sabbatical in USA has a hard time filling the complex tax forms.

I think the American liberals are real conservatives of USA because they try to conserve the present instead of letting its people make a greater tomorrow.


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