Do human beings have tendency to be evil?

Many are often riled up about how if human behavior if left to its own devices will wreak havoc and harm to everything it touches. Such people also believe that fear, guilt and force must be used to keep everyone under control. “We just need one more law,” they say, “and everything will be alright”. According to them all we need is more control and regulation of human activity.

I stand by Jimmy Wales against this general trend. He said that’s like trying to design a restaurant with cages around the seats to prevent people from stabbing each other with cutlery.

As always the political mainstream has the tendency to portray any such defense of human freedom and innate innocence of our souls taking it to the irrational: “So you wanna do away with protection of individual rights by the government?”, they say. No. All I want is freedom. Freedom to succeed and own the consequences of my success without apologizing for doing it. Freedom to be the best I can be without faking humility and apologizing for my abilities.

I respect this country for such a freedom.


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