Parasites of self-esteem

There are people whom I know as friends, who have sought to destroy my self-esteem – as if were I to collapse, my depravity would give them a right to theirs. I don’t know what it is that they think they accomplish – but they want me to pretend that I see the world as they pretend they see it. They need some sort of sanction from me. I don’t know the nature of that sanction – but I since I value my life, I will not give it to them.

They resort to things like initiate bragging contests, displaying the best within them and the surrounding in the hopes that I would display mine, so that when I do, they can try to destroy it. In their world, they are better off without their betters because they believe that would make them the best. However in my world, I am better of being the best I can be. My betters only make me better off. I have realized that resentment of another man’s achievement is the hallmark of a second-rater.

I refuse to accept the value others set on my existence and my achievements.


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