Brats & Other Thoughts

In a society were justice has been sacrificed to mercy, and reason to faith, the children are brats. Because they know they can get away with violation of individual rights.

Unlike the children of the past, new children are kept on the sidelines and their immature convictions about everything are supported by baby boomers who have no sense of reality either.

This has resulted in widespread incompetence, social acceptance of incompetence and willful ignorance.

At the end of the 18th century, people were superior in reason, and far more worthy of the luxuries they helped to invent. Unfortunately sometime since then, human beings and their rational foresight have begun its course on downward trend. I do not know whether this is a slippery slope to oblivion.

But I know it is getting increasingly hard to find people who are willing to exchange values for values. People demand the undeserved and the unearned as sacrifices others should make to them. Or else they label the others are unvirtuous.

Thus trying to virtuous, they engage in exchange of unwanted, unchosen Christmas presents, which no one is morally permitted to buy for themselves. No one is allowed to stop shooting themselves in their foot for the good of others. For if they do that then they become immoral profiteers.


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