My Fountain

Just saw the Fountain today. I hated it because it taught people to embrace death, failure and suffering. I have always felt like Thomas from the movie, except for the part in the end where he gives up like Izzie wanted him to.

I’ve have had an idea for a love story long before I saw the Fountain which is much less tragical and much more romantic than the Fountain. I started having those ideas after She left me and after I read Issac Asimov’s Last Question.

It is about a man who looses his love because reasons he cannot control but he goes on to become Cosmic AC and gives himself a another chance. At every new chance he gets closer and closer to the woman he loves. Finally, when he does have her, he goes on to create an eternal universe with no suffering or pain in it and with perpetual novelty.

I know it is a strange flavor of solipsism that I suffer from. Because I know everyone exists and yet, I know that if I had 10100 years without the headaches that I have, I would indeed do the things I wished for in the story I dreamt about.


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