Advice to the Gullible & Innocent about the World

I learned these things late in life.

These are the ways in which the world exploits you:

  • Interrogation: They tell you they want to know more about every second of your life and your secrets. Why? Because they say they care for you. But their care is merely an excuse to control. When the chips are down, these people, they won’t give a damn about you.
  • Unearned Guilt: They make you feel guilty for things you are not responsible for or not more responsible for than others. A sin without volition. LOL! They expect you to be omniscient and not make errors of knowledge.
  • Undeserved Mercy: They demand that you forgive and show mercy to those who do not deserve your mercy. i.e. People who know the extent of your justice, and misuse it to get maximum advantage at minimum cost.
  • Undeserved Gratitude: They demand that you show gratitude to them for things you earned & rightfully deserve.
  • False Payments: They remove a threat as payment for your services. They make sacrifices and expect you to make a greater sacrifice for them. They pay you with loot now in the hopes of looting from you later to pay someone else. They pay you with value that can only be claimed after you die or can never be claimed.
  • Unnecessary Fear: They expect you to be more afraid than you ought to be.
  • Unnecessary Self-Doubt: They preach that confidence, judgements and conclusions are to be avoided. They demand that you ought to be in a perpetual state of indecision and skepticism.

They do such things because you hold these virtues:

  • You respect privacy of others, and expects others to respect yours.
  • You assume personal responsibility for your actions.
  • You justice forgives miles of errors of knowledge.
  • You express gratitude to those choose exchange values with you.
  • You are willing to exchange your values in return for payment.
  • You are courageous.
  • You are confident about your judgement, knowing that one self-made mistake is better than ten truths accepted on faith because the former leaves you room to make a change.

The good news is you do not have to give up your virtues and be like them to defeat them. The key to defeating them is to realize that they need you and you don’t need them. Their world cannot exist without victims like you. So as soon as you say “No!” to them, they will cease to exist. Show no mercy, for it is the opposite of justice.

If they use force, answer them using force. If they need your consent, give them none.

Wish you well in this new world of ours that we create.


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