Faking Maturity

When I was growing up there were a bunch of posers who were really boys but wanted others to think they were men. Many of them are still phony and under-developed even though they have wives and children. I observed a lot about how they fake their precocity, so as to know the simulation from the real thing. Here is how they do it:

  • Don’t laugh even when somebody tells a really good joke. Never laugh at a stupid joke.
  • Stop playing video games kids play, and stop watching kiddy anime shows.
  • Keep your hair looking good and try really hard to keep it looking flawless.
  • Have “your own” money in a wallet even if you stole/begged it out of your dads wallet.
  • Fake piety. Go to church. Get riled up about sexual immorality and revealing female attire even if you jerk off thinking about it.
  • When you are around with your sidekicks and trusted disciples lie about the details of your sexual adventures with females (which never happened).
  • Never want/like/do anything that no one has done before. e.g. Only like music that other people like.
  • Marry a woman as soon as you can and use her as a whore (i.e. to help you release your build up sexual tension) only to realize late in life that you ought to have used a real whore for that purpose before your marriage and that wives are different type of people. In order to recover from this mistake, have an extra-marital affair and when your “wife whore” finds this out get a divorce.
  • Still later in life, reminisce about the person you could have been had you followed your own inner voice and wants. Force your children to have the career you never took. And when they do become the person you never tried to be and they never wanted to be, brag about it to your friends. Force your children into fake piety and abstinence too, because you wouldn’t want them to have the fun you could never have had do you? Get them married as soon as they can so that they get their release from their pre-marital abstinence. Then they will realize wives are not whores. And the cycle continues.

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