Nuallan : The Conscience Of An Irrational Mind

Through a christian apologist named Nuallan, I have come to know that some theists seek to justify their irrational worldview by, ineffectively & unsuccessfully trying to argue that, everyone has a worldview which is irrational like theirs.

I don’t know what it is that they think they accomplish—but they want me to pretend that I see the world as they pretend they see it. They need some sort of sanction from me. I don’t know the nature of that sanction—but.

This is why no sophisticated christian apologist I know has ever had a straight & relevant answer to the question: What is the evidence for the God you believe in?

This is why they choose to remain in a state of perpetual skepticism driven by never ending debate by shooting their opponents with a never ending stream of philosophy exam questions to solve. If I stop solving them in my own interests of time, they believe they have won the debate.


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