The Source Of Open Source

In the novel “Atlas Shrugged”, The Railroad Unification Plan was James Taggart’s desperate scheme to keep Taggart Transcontinental from going out of business by means of existing off its competition. The plan provides that the total profits of all railroad companies be allocated according to the number of miles of track each owns instead of according to the amount of service that each supplies. Then there is the Steel Unification Plan which would bankrupt Rearden. The Steel Unification Plan is patterned after the Railroad Unification Plan. All of the steel companies’ earnings are to be rewarded according to the number of furnaces each owns. Because Boyle has a great many idle furnaces he would be paid for almost double his actual output. In turn, Rearden would be paid for less than half of his actual output. Both the Railroad Unification Plan and the Steel Unification Plan require companies to produce “according to each one’s ability” with the profits to be allocated “according to each firm’s need.”

FOSS is the ultimate Software Unification Plan. Companies pool their source code (i.e. developers time) and the profits generated by each company is proportional to the number of installations of the code rather than by the amount of functionality each company contributed to the codebase. I know this from the fact that 70% of all Linux kernel development is demonstrably done by developers who are being paid for their work.

So lets sort profit per % share of commits contributed by the publicly listed companies into Linux kernel since 2.6.24 in the descending order.

Company Percentage Of Changes contributed to 2.6.24 Net Income 2008  in USD Net Income 2009  in USD Money Made Money Made Per % Change of Code Base
HP 1.00% 8.33E+09 5.21E+09 1E+10 1.3541E+12
Google 0.80% 4.23E+09 4.55E+09 9E+09 1.09663E+12
Nokia 0.80% 5.95E+09 -81087581 5,870,942,119 7.33868E+11
IBM 6.30% 1.23E+10 8.61E+09 2E+10 3.32413E+11
Oracle 3.10% 5.75E+09 4.34E+09 1E+10 3.25613E+11
Intel 6.00% 5.29E+09 2.09E+09 7E+09 1.22983E+11
Analog Devices 1.40% 7.86E+08 2.48E+08 1E+09 73,864,285,714.2857
Marvell 0.90% 2.14E+08 -1.18E+08 1E+08 10,611,111,111.1111
Atheros Communications 0.80% 1.89E+07 3.08E+07 5E+07 6,205,000,000
Red Hat 12.00% 8.47E+07 6.34E+07 1E+08 1,234,833,333.33333
Novell 6.10% -8.75E+06 4.30E+07 3E+07 560,737,704.918033
Sun 1.00% -1.83E+09 -4.68E+08 -2E+09 -2.3E+11
AMD 0.80% -3.10E+09 -8.30E+08 -4E+09 -4.91E+11

Not all the money they make is because of Linux, but we can easily guess who are the greatest parasites that suck from other people’s hard work.

The greatest parasite is obviously: Google.

Is Google evil because they get a free-ride on other people’s hard work? No. It is only because FOSS suckers have given everyone the sanction to use their hard work as much they please without any compensation, that Google has the moral & legal right to earn truck loads from free source code.

What if FOSS coders now go into Google headquarters, communist style; and ask for compensation? That will be an epic fail for FOSS ideology because it means they only endorse freedom for some people.


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