Deriving Emulators

I want something that can systematically derive/detect automatons that emulate other automatons. I believe they are the key to understanding & manipulating life, universe and everything else.Now that we have many competing techniques to describe a process, this shouldn’t be so hard.

Once this is done, I have in mind a tape of iota combinators that combine in all those Catalan number of ways. Only those evaluations that emulate or exhibit properties of existence in reality (i.e. laws of logic) will be selected to continue to evaluate, everything else is rejected. We further narrow down from this set to evaluations that behave like the physics of this universe. Next isolate segments of the evaluation that behave like entities in this universe (i.e. mass, charge etc.).

Once this is done, functional characterization & manipulation of proteins is trivial and can be automated. Novel interventions into the biochemical pathways can be systematically derived from computations. All one would need to do is to arrange those emulatory segments in the evaluation that emulated physics, in ways that emulate the proteins.

This should be the goal of computational biology, and not these liberal gimmicks they teach at my university.

Of course the goal is ambitious. There will be side-innovations that might distract the researchers away from this final goal. But sooner or later this goal will be achieved.

Some of the side-innovations I forsee are, cheap & carbon neutral oil from biomass made by organotrophs/phototrophs, end of suffering from human diseases, end of ageing, end of human monopoly on scientific exploration.


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